Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Some new updates to We Pay Guide

I have decided to dedicate this older version of We Pay Guide with a few programs I am using. Right now I am doing my own precious metals & stock trading for clients. I really have no need to join another program. If any programs are listed on this blog I have joined them out of fun, well fun to make a little profit, lol. Most likely if the program is listed on this page it means I am the one trading for that admin. Just remember though that I am now an independent trader for hire. My trading techniques are top of the line. But if a program closes that is the admins fault. As long as the program admin is paying me, I will trade. :-) On another note The new We Pay Guide has been moved to a full website. You can view this website by clicking on this banner below!


The new site that features individual pages for:
* Programs
* Partners
* Blog
* Monitors
* Forums
* Processors
* Exchangers
* Scams
* Live Market Charts
* The Truth
* Advertise
* E-Tools
* Favorite Links


Above is our new Precious Metals Buying Website!!! We buy all precious metals & a even costume jewelry as well (by the pound) paying cash or e-currency!!!! Yes we actually DO NOT pay buy check as we are REAL industry buyers/refiners!!!!!

This program below does not need any introduction. This is the most highly reliable Genius Funds. This will be the ONLY program listed on this blog that I do not trade for. I have been a happy member thought since it has started & I have made so far over a 2,359% return on my investment as of Feb 2, 2010. To make this I compound at 100% for over 6 months!!! This is a program I recommend to be people even as much as my own trading. That is how proud I am to an a member of Genius Funds. I have been with them for many months earning countless payouts. Customer support is second to none & payout are very fast. I have never had to wait more than 5 hours for a payout.

The site also extremely professional looking & very easy to use. I have to admit that I have never used a site that has been so flawlessly created. The geniuses behind Genius Funds did not cut any corners creating this master industry leader of a program.

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